Vintage Velvet Wedding Ring Boxes

10:01 PM

When we came across these wedding heirlooms, we had to share the beauty! These little boxes are perfectly stylish and any bride would LOVE to have them. This company is amazing as they have found the worlds finest velvet, and have created something that will last for generations. Their first collection is made out of fine quality pre-war vintage French velvet, the pieces of velvet are limited edition in each color! They offer personalization with custom embossed gold foiled monograms.

In these petite boxes, the ring is the center of attention. We absolutely loved all the variety of hues they offer. The Mrs. Box wedding heirlooms are a perfect touch to show your One and Only that you Love them. Love is colorful, beautiful, and rich. These boxes radiate that. We can guarantee those who hold these boxes will smile a little deeper and eyes will sparkle a little brighter knowing that your ring will be held in something so precious. We get to love them now, and our extended family generations later will get to love them later, with more purpose and meaning. Perfect little gift for yourself, a friend, your client, your bridesmaids, soon-to-be-fiance, or an anniversary.

We highly recommend visiting their site and drool over all of their many, many stylish images and rainbow of colors to choose from: The Mrs. Box

Photography: Jose villa and Joel Serrato
Styling: Type A Society and Grey Likes Weddings
Rings: Trumpet and Horn

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