Something New: an Announcement!

5:36 AM

Naturally, this time of year is a time of reflection and change. The vision of this blog is improving. We want to incorporate more home and family. That is what matters most to us, and where our focus should lie...with those who are around us. We still absolutely love creatives and their talents that they share to the world. We still want to feature that. But we want a little more. To leave inspired and motivated. Be uplifted by those who share their creativeness. We want to have a purpose in doing good in the world. To help you and cheer you along in doing good in the world too, and most importantly inside the walls of our own homes. Lets keep tack on what matters most. Building happiness and joy in your home is a goal that we have in mind. As we create and share with others, lets create and share in our homes too! 

Those who are featured will share their happiness and joy. Sharing goodness. We want to share those everyday lives and families who shine happiness and joy, and tell us how they uniquely achieve it. As we have our daily tasks to fulfill, let's not forget the important responsibility we fill for our families.

We are believers of Christ and we want to share to the world how we can live a Christ centered and love filled home and life. There is so much good in the world. We can share amd uplift others in time of need. We can be His hands in proclaiming his words and sharing his truth. The gospel is centered around family, and there is so much distraction taking our time and thoughts away from that. Lets build our families up. Refocus. 

We want to share creatives that can build our homes and families. Things that can enrich and uplift ourselves. Things that can make us happy. Inspiration, products, and creativity that leave us inspired with beauty and happiness.

I'm not going to say we will post every single week day (although we would love that), guessed it, family is that much more important. We'll keep on inspiring and as we gain more followers and'll begin to see more here! So don't be shy, we'd love to feature you and your product or ways you live a happy and joy-filled home. Your photo you posted to Instagram or blog that left others happy.

What we plan to post:

Monday: Family Activity...52 weekly ideas in achieving a happy & joy-filled home
Tuesday: Personal Growth and daily acts
Wednesday: Featured Creative...talent and a little inspiration from them
Thursday: Quote of the Week, family inspiration
Friday: Featured Photo...either a family activity, service or date idea from Instagramers, Bloggers, Creatives

And as I said before, as we get more creatives to feature...we will love to feature as many creatives and their happiness and products that we can. Features that will leave you with inspiration and fun in your life!!!

We can live an abundant life of happiness, joy, laughter, love, service and fun! Life is to be ENJOYED and having our family right along with us is a blessing! Lets give of our families our time and talents! They deserve it. YOU deserve it!

*Styled Stock Photo from FP Stockshop on etsy, go shop their store HERE.

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