52 Weeks of Family Love | Watch a Winter Sunset Together

1:45 PM

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Week 4 : Watch a Winter Sunset Together

Before all the snow goes melting away...maybe it already has, just grab your coat, and your family and go for a drive. Go out exploring new country or go to a place that's your favorite. You could think ahead and make hot cookies or hot apple cider to enjoy in the car as you watch the sunset in the Winter air. Sunsets are so extremely beautiful, refreshing and calming. Throughout the day we've seen blue skies with white clouds of any different kinds of form, but at sunset only for a few short minutes we get to experience the fleeting colors dance across the sky. It's exquisite and beautiful.

Show your family your appreciation for all the beauties around you. Tell them how wonderful all of creation really is!!! It's fun to stop and remember and give thanks for the simple things, and the things that we may not pay attention to on a daily basis. Getting out in nature is good for our hearts.

During this time in the car (or outside for you more outdoors and adventurous ones), you can get the chance to talk with your kids, on a more deeper level. Sparking great (and fun) conversation. Let inspiration guide you, you can even pull in what sunsets can apply to if you can't seam to think of what you'd like to talk about. Analogies always create interesting conversations, and sunsets are great with that! Then your children could do the same and tell you what their analogy of a sunset is to them, making a game of it all.

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