52 Weeks of Family Love

10:47 PM

Here's to the start of the 52 weeks of family love. On Mondays we'll post a family activity idea that you can do this week. Our focus is to build happy and joy-filled homes with lots of love. We'll try to provide an alternate one with seasonal ideas for the lucky warm climate friends. 

Follow along on Instagram at @charminglysavvy  we are posting these there and tagging with #charminglyfamilylove. Tag us and we'd love to see your family activities, and share them with others too!!!

Week 1 : have a snowball fight (or pillow fight)

Snowball fights bring such sparkle to children's eyes, big or small. We can laugh giddily, get that need energy out, and smile till our cheeks hurt. Spending outside time rejuvenates us and lifts our spirits. Bundle yourselves up, feel young again and throw those puffy snowballs! You'll see your kids face's light up and they are sure to laugh the hardest when they nail you!!!

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