Weekly Focus | Listen

1:30 PM

This weeks Personal growth focus...Listen! You can take it however you'd like to personally apply it. For us, it's listening a little more intently to those around us. Don't jump to conclusions or rush someone in their talking...really hear them out and listen to what they are telling you. 

When we listen, really listen, we can have such rich conversations with our loved ones. We will show them that they really mean something to us, that we care, and that they are loved. Giving them a confidence boost, raise their self worth and esteem and who wouldn't want more of that?! 

We all deserve to be listened to a little bit more...and we can grow personally by taking the time to connect with those we love and show them we care and love them. This fast paced world is all about go, go, go. Take some moments in your day to relax a little and focus on what our loved ones say to us. We may find that this approach is much more successful and more fulfilling. Enjoy listening and start now to building deeper connections that will lift your relationship leaving it more meaningful, healthier and happier. We like being listened too, let's give what we like back to others...let's open our hearts and ears to listen a little more! Just like our Father in Heaven is there for us, eager to listen any time and loves us immensely...let's try to be a little better and strive for that with our own families.

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