52 Weeks of Family Love | Give Love to Your Neighbor Night

10:14 PM

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Week 5: Give Love to Your Neighbor Night

Sometimes we are more easily ready to give when the weather is warm, when it's sunny outside, and when the light last a while longer at night. Have you all noticed it's starting to be light for longer!? So happy about that! 

Anyways, we thought it would be a perfect family activity to give some service and a little love to your neighbors around Valentine's Day! Family service activities can provide such a huge impact on our children and are great teaching opportunities. When we are in the service of others, we really are in the service of our God!

Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking on how to give love to your neighbor:
-shovel snow of an elderly couple
-Bake cookies for a serviceman or service woman
-Bake bread and deliver it to the homeless feeding station in your community
-Give a box of Chocolates to someone (or a couple of people) you think would brighten their day
-Buy some flowers and give them away around town (who wouldn't love flowers in February?!).

When we help each other out, give and love others, we can't help but feel good inside! Kick off these winter blues by reaching out to others. When you have a thought that comes to give a compliment, give it. Send a card to a specific person, mail it. Don't procrastinate those good deeds and works for others. You may be their angel in a time of need and not even know it. Think of a time when you were served and how grateful you were. Let's not put off our own personal revelations, and let's act upon them.

Go have some fun with your family this week giving love to your neighbors and remember to serve your family too!
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