52 Weeks of Family Love | Start Seedlings for your Garden

1:29 PM

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Week 7: Start Seedlings Together & Watch Them Grow

This week you can start an indoor garden with your family! Just grab the bottom of an egg container, fill with dirt add the seeds and tend with water and sunshine and watch them grow. It's so fun to start seedlings inside where your children can see the success first hand in the home. Replant them in bigger pots until they can stand the weather outside, then place them in your garden. (You can even tell your littles that singing or talking to those seedlings is good for them...those little plants breath the carbon dioxide we breath out...you might catch them singing their hearts away to help them grow.)

Let your children pick what kinds of plants they'd like. Herbs, vegetables, flowers. They are all so wonderful. After a few days of planting the seeds, you'll see the little sprouts. Make this a moment when you can talk on principles of faith and endurance, nurturing and taking care of our bodies and our spirits. They will soak it all in.

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