Weekly Focus | Serve

10:24 AM

Since we are already talking about serving this week, this one was fitting. Serve. It's a beautiful word. What does it mean to you when you hear the word serve? It can mean love, unconditional love. Selflessness. Caring. humble. As you think about those words and others, now think of those people who have served you or those you see serving. They are building those characteristics in their lives aren't they?! When they are in the true moment of serving, I would like to think those words fit them.

Serving can do SO much to those who are the recipients. But it can also impact our lives just as much. Go out and serve, thinking of ourselves less and our focus more on the people around us. If the idea of serving is hard to think about at first, you can start with simple smiles. Ask how their day has been and genuinely listen. That can lead to ideas you could do to serve them. When thoughts of sending a card, or baking cookies and bringing them over to someone, helping someone at the grocery store, going over for a visit, helping out in anyway and in any need...when those thoughts come, ACT upon them. Soon, you'll find you are listening to those thoughts more and more, acting upon them and serving others!

Let us be instruments in the hand of the Lord. Let us be the one to do what He asks of us and be one who he can rely on to carry it through. Be a light in the world and share our joy with the ones we associate with. Another way to get ideas rolling in you head is to be open to the idea of wanting to serve, and pray. Pray for opportunities to serve, and pray for others in your prayers. Be specific about what you are praying for them. Then when you are willing and your heart is open, naturally thoughts of serving others will come if we seek them. Our Heavenly Father answers our prayer and he wants us to serve.

This week find simple ways to serve! 
Comment here or on Instagram, we'd love to hear your ideas of serving!

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