On Becoming a Product Stylist & Photographer

2:33 PM

It's been a while since the last post. There is a reason for that! I made this site to serve creatives and to feature them. Being happy to be behind the scenes and not giving any attention to me, the one running this site, so that the focus could be on featuring stylish creatives and small businesses. I wanted to help get them recognized, build up and expand growth. Business owners work so hard, and it's plain hard work to market and get yourself and what you do out there! Well, I want to say keep up the great work! I loved contacting you! There are so many creative businesses out there! I thank those who had faith in me and let me do features on them!! They were so wonderful! I really believe Heavenly Father inspired me to start this site, but just this alone wasn't the end result. It took much more effort and time and tuning-in on my part to understand what it was that I should be doing! It is still in my best interest to serve you still, but in such a different major way!

As I was adding in Home & Family and Personal Growth Blog Posts, I think it helped me to realizes what in me it was that I needed to change. I have also been a Portrait & Wedding Photographer for 6 years! Family really is a HUGE focus for me. Having 3 children, I really need to give most of my time and attention to them and making sure I meet their needs. I was adding a lot to my plate with this new blog. Why was I doing it? It was inspiration, and Heavenly Father was directing me. I didn't know it at the time, it was a lot of added stress, pressure and hard work too! I had no idea that my world of photography would ever change! I know I needed to learn something in this process.

There came a time when I was searching beautiful businesses to feature, I stumbled across Styled Product Photography and Commercial Photography. I thought it was Oh So Pretty! And I was left in awe...like this actually exists? I put that thought aside, and kept at my work. It wasn't until months later after that first crossing and seeing it again that I then realized this was ME!!! My thoughts were churning. I wasn't thinking that someone else does this and it's Fabulous, but that I could be doing this. It was something that my heart was searching for! After that I had thoughts of how could I leave my business? I love it so much! Clients are now seeing the beauty in my photography. Photographing people is amazing and is gratifying. Am I ready to go back to square-one with a business? And on the other hand I felt so much that this is what Heavenly Father was directing me to. I found it. This blog of featuring stylish creatives wasn't the ending point. It was a direction that lead to being a Product Stylist and Commercial Photographer! Being this type of photographer really suits me and fits my lifestyle of raising a family more like I would like to. It draws me to achieve better habits that I've been longing to have. Somehow it frees my mind. My time is on my time, I can pick and choose when photographing and editing fits in with my schedule best. I'm sure you get the point! It was a crazy mix of emotions. I even had the thought of can't I just do it all!?!

After months of pouring over the Pros and Cons, I came to the conclusion, with the help of my husband, that this is where my focus should be. To be a Product Stylist and Commercial Photographer. This is the "something simple added" to my daily things that uplifts me and helps others. This is the very thing that doesn't overrun my life leaving my husband, children, house and personal growth to be the last on my list. Because really it needs to be the opposite, they are the first on my list and now they can stay put right there being at the top! I am so ever thankful for the direction that Heavenly Father showed me. With this blog I wasn't quit there yet, until it opened me up to seeing Styled Product Photography. And the funny thing is I specifically remember my brother-in-law, who serves businesses online, saying to me that I really should try it out, that there is a need there. This was YEARS before he was saying this! Crazy. Guess I needed to learn all that I did in the 6 years of Portrait & Wedding Photography. It took for me to see someone else be inspired in the direction of Product Styling for me to realize it's for me. And I'm thankful for that experience tremendously! I'm thankful for the years in photography. I loved all my past sessions and clients, I fell in love with Senior Portraiture, which I never felt I would succeed in but once I let go of that fear, I grew so much from it.

That's the story of how this blog started and how it all came to be! I will be completing the sessions that are booked through the end of the year. I'm happy for the contentment I feel about this inspired direction! I thank Heavenly Father for all that has been given to me and for the direction, guidance and inspiration!!!

I'll be introducing myself real soon!!!! XO

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