Fall Collection

10:04 PM

 Sharing my Fall Collection with leaves and pine cones. What you may not know is that I went on a hunt to find leaves with my daughters. They are always so happy to help. They filled a box full of the most gorgeous leaves and pine cones.
The colors were amazing! I had never before seen an almost black leaf before. It has so much character and I fell in love with them.
 Nature really is amazing. My girls have been learning fun things in school. I think the little facts they come home with are darling and fun to listen to. Like why the leaves change color.

 Did you know that they change color because of the sunlight? During the fall there is less sunlight in the days, and the leaves need it to produce food for the tree. When they don't get enough food is when they start to change. Well, maybe you knew that!
I thought it was because it was getting cold outside. Haha. It's great that the learning continues even when I am not in school! My girls are ones to soak up all the facts. It sure is pretty cute! 

Grab some Fall photos to show off your pretty designs, announcements and products. There is still some time to sell your Fall products and designs! I hope you have lots of growth and success till the end of the year. You deserve the best!!!

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