7 Holiday Business Marketing Tips

1:46 PM

Christmas is so close, and I know all you business owners want to make the most of your sales during this time. That is why I'm sharing some business tips just for you!!! I hope this season you will find success and new repeat customers!!!

1. Email marketing still proves to be the most effective with the highest conversion rate for owners with a robust email list.

2. Consider a promotion that offers a discount in exchange for an email address to build an email list and repeat customer base.

3. Invest in Christmas promotional material for your small business. 

4. Many consumers expect businesses to promote festive communications during the holiday season. It’s also a great way to give back, raise brand awareness, and add some Christmas spirit into your business.

5. Online advertising, and social media efforts, that if done properly, can create a viral effect.

6. If your small business is looking to increase sales during the holiday season look to market some attractive discounts and sales.

7. The use of Styled stock photography can help attract customers and followers as you add the images to your marketing emails, promotional material, blogs, brand awareness and adding Christmas Spirit to your business, online advertising, social media, and making attractive discounts and sales ads!

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