Shop Sale, 70+ Images 1/2 OFF!

1:07 PM

With Christmas behind us, we are all looking forward to New Year's Eve and the New Year! I couldn't help but put all the Christmas decor around my house away. My husband and I have been DREAMING of Hawaii for the last little while now, hence the seashell image (which is in the shop too). Actually, we've been adding it to our goals to someday live there for a time. Call us crazy, but we would love to be somewhere that is 70+ degrees all year round.

With the new changes, goals, and directions, things in my shop are advancing, expanding and becoming more simplistic! Right now a TON of images in the shop are 1/2 off and leaving for good! Ranging from $6.00-$9.00! You'll have to act fast because only 3 downloads per image, and they are gone!

Here is a list of what the new direction includes and the need to de-clutter:

1.) I think I may have found my niche. Flowers and glitter will be my signature. The Peony and glitter images have become my most popular images in the shop!
2.) I'll be focusing more on florals on all sorts of levels that I had never before imagined.
3.) My shop sections will be categorized by colors to help aid in finding something that will suit your own branding color or compliment them for your shop, business, blog and site!
4.) I'll keep adding to my prints section for home decor.
5.) I'll keep adding more food styling just for fun!

This is my focus this year, super simple yet so dramatic and such a nice refresh from my shop! I have some great ideas to share! With my images being more on the minimalist and simplistic side of styled stock photography, I think this will help set me apart! Business friends will be able to rely on me to fulfill a specific need that they can count on without being an eclectic and cluttered shop!

My Shop Sections will include the colors: Blues & Teals, Pinks, Reds, Yellows & Oranges, Purples, Greens, and Multi-Colored Combos along with some backs and whites. Share with me your branding colors and specific hues used in your own shop, business or blog to help with the color combo section!!!

I am incredibly excited to bring you some new images that have been inside my head, waiting to come out and help you beautify, succeed and grow your business! I hope this new year you will achieve marvelous things, gain greater happiness, and progress and grow in the journey you are pursuing!!! Happy New Year!!!


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