Marble Styled Stock Photos + Join the VIP Team + Rose Quartz!!!

10:52 PM

I'm just around a week and a half away from my due date!!! It's so crazy! There is so much to do and my time just seams to be rushing by! One thing that I got complete on the check-list of to-do's was to send out the May newsletter early! I'm so glad that's done, because with a newborn, I'm not sure if it would have gotten posted...and all of my lovely newsletter subscribers would have missed out on their free image!

If you are interested in joining the VIP Team and start grabbing your free image (sometimes images!!!) every month...well, here's the link: Charmingly Savvy Newsletter

The Month of May, I sent out 2 new fun images that are of which was a marble background image!!!! I'll be having some more fun styling with the marble in future floral collections! This one is in the shop under On Marble. Speaking of trending, how about me adding some flowers of the popular color Rose Quartz?!? Yes, please!!! Now onto the hunt for that perfect flower!

Being serious here, have you heard that Rose Quartz is this years trending color presented by Pantone? Really, you should have some product with that color!!! Also, another great company, bando, really nails it every year with color! And guess what? You'll see Rose Quartz all over their site and products! Their stuff sells like crazy! Picking the right color really is important, and keeping up with the trends will do wonders for your business!!!

I hope you all are enjoying your Spring weather wherever you are!!! This time of year is a favorite of mine because everything seams to be such a rich lush green before the Summer sun fades it away. Have a happy work week!


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