Summer Favorite Things

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Some of my friend's kids started school already! What!? How is that happening already?! But don't worry, because Summer really hasn't ended yet...even if your kids are in school already, you can party on the weekends! There's still more fun to be had! Full-on Summer is still happening over here, and I thought it would be fun to do a "May Favorite Summer Things" post, just so that I can savor any bit of Summer left before it quickly passes by. And because I really don't want to let go of all the amazing things Summer brings!

My Favorite Summer Things
  1. All the yummy garden veggies and summer fruits
  2. BBQ's with family and friends
  3. Quiet and magical late summer nights where time seams to stand still
  4. Park walks, hikes and all things outdoors...can't get enough of outside
  5. Water fun...although initially i don't think I will be up to get wet, but once I'm in on the fun, it's the best thing that could happen that day
  6. Boating around the lake with the wind in my hair. I'm not so much into the boating sports and tubing (I did love it when I was younger), but I prefer not to get whipped around in my old age! Ha!
  7. Similar to boating, is canoeing...there is something SO peaceful about canoeing that I absolutely LOVE
  8. Cold Smoothies and Popsicles....mmmmmm
  9. Vacations....let me just tell you, it's SO VERY important to me to go on a vacation every year. DO IT! It will bring your family closer, and you get to look forward to something pretty spectacular (and it doesn't have to be expensive at all!!!!)
  10. Seeing butterflies, snap dragons, and hummingbirds 
  11. Gardening together as a family
  12. Playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, throwing a football or frisbee, I like being active with sports (when I can break away for a bit from the Motherly duties of young children!)

Those are just a few of the things that make me happy during the Summer, but ultimately it's being with and doing activities with my family!!!  Hope you're enjoying the rest of your Summer days!!!

What are your favorite Summer Things to do? Leave a comment! I'd love to know!

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