Best Soft Baby Shoes

10:04 AM

Hey Friends! Look at these shoes!!! Well, they are leather Moccasins, but Oh My...these are wonderful! The style, the design!!! These have JUST been released! For my business, blogger and creative friends..I've got something coming for you with these perfect little neutral goodies that I talk about at the end of this post!

For my Mama friends...One thing I am super passionate about are my babies' first shoes. I am a firm believer that it is essential that babies learn how to grip the floor and earth with their little toes and learn to balance on their feet without using hard soled shoes. I think there is something good about being directly connected to the earth outside and that the different textures simulates their feet in a healthy positive way.  But there does come a time when shoes are needed to protect their feet. And I like the most flexible and soft shoes to encourage them to have the same body movements as if they were walking (or running) barefoot, to still sense the ground beneath them, and one that also offers comfort and great durability!

When there is something I am super pleased with, I am going to share!!! I have had soft soled baby shoes before, but they just don't hold up that well. These baby leather Moccasins from Freshly Picked are perfect! On top of all that, the best thing is that my baby absolutely loved these. With other shoes he would want then off and barely tolerate them! But when I put these on, he had the biggest grin and got up and took off! Win! Literally excited he had them on, he was so proud of himself. This shoe gave him confidence!

This week they are releasing these adorable new Woven Wheat Moccasins in their Desert Oasis Collection! They are SO cute!!! I think they are perfect with ANY outfit he wears! Five new styles guys! I can't tell you enough about how much I love them! You have got to go check out all the newly released styles!!! I love the colors, designs and how easy they are to get on. With this particular design and style they also offer a teal and raspberry color! The other two are a Cactus and a Weathered Brown Mary Jane. I absolutely love this Woven style!!!

I highly recommend going to their Facebook or Instagram page(my fav) and liking them. They release new shoes on Mondays and offer sales and giveaways... and a giveaway is running right now on this new collection, so act fast to enter! They are giving away 5 new moccasins!

Here my little 13 month old is clearly enjoying and digging into his first black cherry snow cone at a Festival in our little town.  I took over that snow cone after a few sips, crunches and brain freezes (shown below). Lol.

I sure do love this little guy! And we are both happy to have found these amazing moccasins! Browse around their shop, and I think you'll fall in love with all the cuteness!!! They do also have hard soles for that next stage in toddler-hood!

P.S. For my creative business, blogger and designer friends...I am working on adding some baby lifestyle styled stock photography where these neutral colored Woven Wheat Moccasins will be apart of.  So stay tuned! I'm pretty excited about it!

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