Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

11:49 PM

This year was filled with family, clients and lots of changes! I mainly focused on my own little family (my youngest is now 19 month old...time flies!) and client work. I have phased out of doing personal client work and am super excited to announce that I will be spending most of my time and energy on my Shop from now on which I have neglected for way too long! I adore all of you for supporting me through my Shops and it has helped me realize that is where I need to put most of my energy and time!

Our husband's job change and moving us to a different state, Idaho to Utah, has been exhilarating!!! I truly feel like I can call this place our HOME!! We live in the most beautiful city! I forget that we are not in Bronco territory anymore when I put my Son's game sweatshirt on, and I have to laugh at all the comments I get, which usually end in me saying, "Yes we love the Broncos, but my husband is actually an Aggie!" That gets them confused! Hahaha.

***I have a project I am currently working on and am SUPER excited to start it! Details will come soon!***

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