Hello! I'm Shauna. It's so nice to meet you!!! If I could, I'd love to meet you in person, but since that's not likely, I'll introduce myself here!!!

In case you are curious, I'm a believer, married to my very favorite, raising 3 children, portrait photographer of 6.5 years turned commercial product stylist and photographer with a love for home decor canvases & prints!

My favorite things to do are read children's books to my kids, date my husband, go on a yearly vacation, serve others, write notes & letters, do activities with my family, go on walks, visit the ice cream shop, have some game time, make smoothies, and building my testimony, my faith and serving and trusting in a loving Heavenly Father more!!!

I love to provide you with beautiful styled stock images, Especially Seasonal & Holiday Collections, to help you enhance your business. I also added a section of home decor Canvas and Prints to beautify the walls of your home!!! To tell you more about myself and how I got started with Styled Stock Photography, you can read my Feature on With Grace & Gold, and if your up for some reading, you can grab your favorite snack and read the long version on becoming a product stylist and stock photographer.

Something that I really REALLY really like is YOUR products! I love them! There are so many creatives out there, so unique and authentic, I love it!!! I love to create stunning images for you to up-sell, advertise, and beautify your business and help sell those great products of yours!!! The images I create will will catch your client's eye, leaving them to do repeat business with you and to generate new clients that were SO glad to have found you! Are you ready for more business? Then lets talk Styled Stock Photography!!! It's a total game changer for your business! Give yourself a treat and browse around my Charmingly Savvy Stockshop that I've made available and affordable to you!!!! What can I say, I love to give generously!!! Love. Respect. Serve. Click on any Image in the shop and there will be more info for you in the description. And I hope you enjoy the $15.00 off when you put 3 images in your cart! Use code: 15OFF

Thanks for stopping by!

XOXO, Shauna

P.S. On the blog, you'll get to see peaks into my everyday life, ways to keep your family happy through family activities. You'll see quotes that I love and inspire me, products that I like, decor ideas, business tips and personal growth ideas. And of course new updates and images to the shop!